10 Ways to Get Organized While the Kids Are At Summer Camp

Jan 31, 2023 | Bedroom Closets, Custom Closets

This summer, you’ll be sending your kids to a fantastic summer camp in New York (NY) or New Jersey (NJ), and they’ll be having a ton of fun playing outside in the sun with their friends. How can you best use this time with the kids out of the house? Use the alone time you may have during the day to get organized when your kids are at summer camp. In particular, you may want to think about organizing your kid’s closets and rooms – probably the messiest areas of your home. For more information on how a custom closet can help you get your kids organized while they’re away at summer camp, contact your local custom closet builder. For some ideas on how to tackle this project, check out some of our suggestions below.

Get Creative with Storing Scarves and Belts

Door hanging shoe racks and towel racks are a fantastic way to organize scarves and belts that tend to get tangled in drawers and on hangers. Build these into your custom closets to help get your kids organized this season.

Use Your Custom Closet for More than Just Your Kids Clothes – Use it for Toys

custom closet builder nj We should mention that their closet space doesn’t just have to be for their clothes. Toys are easily organized and stacked in custom closet structures, making cleaning up a breeze in the future.

Organize your Kids Closet by Season

When reorganizing, consider grouping clothing and other items by season, making the most easily accessible items the ones that will be worn this summer. This way, the winter things will stay packed neatly away until they’re needed.

Kid Stuff on the Bottom, Mom and Dad Stuff on the Top

This tactic will only work until a certain age, or until your child is old enough to reach the items at the top of their closet. If you have items that you need stored in your child’s room, but that you don’t want them accessing, store it at the top of the closet so they can’t reach.

Organize All Those Flip-flops

There’s something about the warmth of summertime that makes kids want to just kick their shoes off. Use the shoe holes in a custom closet to help get a handle on all your children’s flip-flops this season.

Consider Using Color

custom closet builder nj Color is one of the most visually pleasing ways to organize a closet. Things will always look need and tucked away when they are stored with other items that look like them.

Get Colorful with Hangers and Storage

You can use color in more ways than just with items of clothing and toys themselves. Choose certain colored hangers to store clothes of separate seasons or different colored bins to store different types of toys.

Make Their Closet the Beginning of their Day

The closet is one of the first things your kids see in the beginning of the day. Put a calendar, to-do list or chore check off sheet for them and hang it on their closet door. This will help them know what they need to accomplish that day right as they wake up.

Use Bins for the Small Things

Custom closets come with smaller nooks for the smaller things you may want to store there. Putting bins with lids in these smaller spaces will help keep your kid’s closets looking clean and crisp whether your storing small toy pieces or jewelry.

Always Use the Maximum Amount of Space

custom closet builder nj In order to use the maximum amount of space, consider building a custom closet for your children if you haven’t already. You’ll be able to use the entire closet for storage instead of just the top and bottom, and it will help you stay organized during all seasons. Closet Engineers is a family owned custom closet business that has been serving the Tri-State area for 60 years. For more information about how we can help you organize your closet and bring harmony to your home today, contact us.