11 Beautiful and Original Closet Walk-in Ideas

Jan 30, 2023 | Design Tips, Walk-In Closet

Nothing adds style and luxury to a bedroom like a walk-in closet. It’s not surprising that such closets have become a favorite in many households. A walk-in closet is the king of storage solutions, decluttering your bedroom and keeping everything in its proper place. You can store everything from clothes and shoes to jewelry and much more. Your walk-in closet can even double as a dressing room.

If you are looking to build a walk-in closet in your bedroom or you want to revamp the one you have, here are some beautiful walk-in closet ideas. Our team at Closet Engineers Custom Closets, NJ, will be happy to advise you on your specific needs. Just get in touch!

Use a Pendant Light

Hanging a pendant light in the middle of your closet adds a touch of style and class. A pendant light creates a focal point in your closet. It will work particularly well if you hang it or tilt it towards where you usually stand while looking in your mirror.

In choosing your lights, consider the size of your closet. A large pendant light or chandelier will look awkward if it’s too big for the space, while a light that is too small won’t provide adequate illumination.

Install Vanity Mirrors

There’s more to mirrors than just checking your hair before you leave the house! Of course, most walk-in closets have a mirror or two, but you can go a step further and install an eye-catching vanity mirror to add elegance.

A large and ornate mirror above your dresser adds glitz and glamor to your closet space. If you can find a suitable antique mirror, that’s even better. Additionally, consider adding mirrors to the sides of your closet walls. These mirrors, aside from helping you see different angles of your outfit, serve as light reflectors. Your pendant lights and well-placed mirrors are the perfect combination for creating a warm ambiance and glow in your closet.

Use Cedars

The materials you use in your closet go a long way to determining if you will enjoy using the space and the kind of ambiance it creates. Among wood options, cedar is a top choice because it is aromatic and helps to repel bad odors.

You should also consider using wood for your ceiling. Wood panel ceilings add luxury and a comfortable feel to your closet space.

Add a Vanity Table and Chair

Choosing the right outfit, ironing, and dressing up can take a while. That’s why your closet should have a table and chair to give you the time to relax and make yourself look and feel great. You might wish to add a built-in dresser or vanity table with storage space for things like jewelry, perfume, and makeup. It should not take too much space, but it should be big enough to hold all the items you will need.

A vanity chair or stool is a must-have. Find a comfortable chair that you can sit on for long periods without harming your back. The chair and stool should complement your table for an elegant effect.

Paint the Walls

If you are a stickler for color combinations and are curious about matching colors, hues, and shades, your closet is one of the best places to experiment. Neutral colors like gray, white, cream, and beige, are a popular and classic choice. That’s because they provide a backdrop for all those brightly-colored shirts, pants, and dresses in your collection.

But if you feel like those colors are drab and want to explore brighter colors, go for it. Bright colors, like orange, yellow, and red, add a vibrant and refreshing feel to spaces. Remember, your closet is the place you go to put on a new set of clothes and work on your look before you step out. If the appearance of the closet is not refreshing and exciting, it might be a mood dampener. It should be a space that feels joyful and energizing to use, so plan your color scheme accordingly.

Use a Wallpaper

If you are not keen on painting your walk-in closet’s wall, opt for wallpaper. Wallpapers have several advantages because, unlike paints, you can choose from a wide range of patterns and textures. Explore Pinterest to find inspiration, and choose wallpapers that you find gorgeous and inspiring.

Compared to using wallpapers, painting is less expensive. Buying wallpaper rolls and installing them can be a rather costly venture. If you can, installing it yourself reduces your cost (but make sure you know what you’re doing, or you could end up making mistakes that cost even more!) Alternatively, go for a combination of painting and using wallpaper. Our custom closet experts in NJ can advise you on what will work best for your space.

Add Labels

The primary purpose of a walk-in closet is to help you organize your clothes and accessories. What good is a beautiful closet if you have to rummage through shelves and baskets to find your favorite accessories? By adding labels to each basket, tray, and bin, you will save yourself many headaches.

Take note of things that you use often and place them in easy-to-reach spots. Label your shelves and boxes. That way, you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Get a Valet Hook

Valet hooks have gained popularity over the years. These hooks make it possible to hang multiple items even if your closet or wardrobe is small. As long as you have a hanger, you can use a valet hook to organize your shirts, pants, suits, and dressers with ease.

Valet hooks come in various shapes and sizes. They include the slide-out valet hook, flip-down wall hook, pull-out, valet rods, and many others. However, don’t overcrowd your space with them. When overused or misused, valet hooks can make your space look clumsy and disorganized. Use them consciously to save space where you need to.

Add a Comfortable Rug

Dressing room rugs are a vital part of every luxurious walk-in closet. The feel of your bare feet touching a luxurious and comfortable rug is special. And if for some reason you want to sit on the floor, the comfortable rug is there to provide cushion. Faux fur is a great choice for many spaces.

Connect Your Bathroom and Closet

If you are doing a home makeover, it is a good idea to connect your bathroom and closet if possible. In order words, your bathroom should lead straight into your closet. That way, you can move straight into your closet after bathing and start dressing up. This could be an extensive construction undertaking, so make sure you contact the right experts to help you get it done.

Play Music

Who doesn’t love music? Everyone has that favorite artist or song that stirs up emotions and soothes their soul. While the walk-in closet is not exactly your home’s entertainment space, it can be your own personal retreat space.

Consider adding a portable speaker to your closet. Many can now be connected to other systems, such as a smartphone or MP3 player, via Bluetooth. Playing music adds joy and comfort to your closet experience.

We’d love to hear your ideas!

A walk-in closet can be a luxury space that does far more than just storing your clothes and accessories. The right closet can make getting ready in the morning a real joy. So if you are thinking about adding a walk-in closet to your home or upgrading an existing one, we hope these ideas have sparked some ideas.

Here at Closet Engineers Custom Closets, NJ, we’re always amazed at the creativity and inspiration shown by our customers. What have you done to make your walk-in closet beautiful and cozy? Share your ideas, and we might use them in a future post to inspire others.