3 Places You Need a Custom Built Closet in Your Brooklyn Apartment

Jan 30, 2023 | Closet Builder, Custom Closets, Custom Pantries

We’ve all considered building a custom built closet in the bedroom. Our piles of clothing, shoes and knick-knacks makes it easy to want a more organized space, and that’s usually the first chosen place for custom-built closet products. Brooklyn is filled with interesting architecture, and as a Brooklyn apartment or homeowner, you’re probably looking for creative and trendy ways to organize your space. Closet organizers are a good place to start, but they’re not just for organizing the closet. Custom built closet organizers are good for bringing structure to any chaotic place in our house, filled with small items that need to be easily accessed. There are three places in your Brooklyn apartment that you can use a custom closet organizer, and they’re not in your bedroom.

The Pantry

In many homes, the pantry is the messiest closet. Families and guests are constantly going in and out of the pantry for snacks, cooking items and countless utensils and containers that are needed in our daily lives. nj custom pantry design Consider building a customized closet organizer to help fit your pantry needs. No more fallen cereal boxes, endless bags of chips crumpled up and shoved into shelves or piles of Tupperware falling over as you reach for a specific piece. Especially in a city like Brooklyn, space is can be limited. Getting a custom closet organizer for your new apartment can create more space in your pantry for food and snack items, while also keeping the kitchen and other living spaces clutter-free.

Your Storage Room

The storage area is often forgotten about as it’s not usually in the same space as the apartment. Many apartment buildings come with designated storage areas in the basement or laundry room where tenants can store additional items they may not need access to all year round such a holiday decorations, sporting gear or old mementoes. Because we’re not always in our storage areas, they can get messy. We travel down there to grab the one thing we need, and it’s not always and organized and clean process when we’re digging around. Consider a custom built closet organizer in your storage area to keep control of the clutter. If you are the owner of a home with a garage, the same goes for this area as well. Organize the clutter with designated spaces for all your stored items and never dig through boxes of old junk again.

Your Office or Game Room

The two activities we spend the most time doing – working and playing – can often produce the most clutter or mess. Office supplies, books and papers can pile up incessantly, and it’s hard enough getting a desk organized let alone the rest of the office supplies that aren’t used on a daily basis. For kids, the problem is games and toys that become a mess from daily use. Board games lose their pieces as their shoved into tight spaces, building blocks get lost in cracks in the floor and small toys and trinkets are never to be seen again. nj office design A custom built closet organizer can be implemented especially for your organizing needs, from the office to the game room. With room for all the supplies, toys and games, large or small, you can maximize the amount of floor space in your Brooklyn apartment, helping to bring harmony to your clutter-free home. Closet Engineers is a family owned custom closet business that has been serving the Tri-State area for 60 years. For more information about how we can help you organize your Brooklyn apartment and bring harmony to your home today, contact us.