3 Ways to Design a Stress-Free Bedroom

Jan 30, 2023 | Design Tips

How to Create a Peaceful Bedroom Space

After a long day, sometimes nothing sounds better than curling into your bed, relaxing, and maybe watching a movie—or, just snuggling up and going to sleep. But, sometimes relaxing in your bedroom isn’t truly realistic. We know firsthand how easy for this space to become cluttered and disorganized with junk—clothes that need laundering, clothes that need to be folded and put away, bills, paperwork, kids toys, maybe even some late night snacks that need to be brought back to the pantry. To ensure your bedroom stays a calming respite from the rest of your chaotic life, take these steps when designing or redecorating your bedroom.

1. Choose a soothing color palette.

When decorating your bedroom, consider the walls first. This will set the tone of the rest of the space. Your goal is to create an environment that is tranquil and restorative. Bright colors tend to loud and evoke strong emotion. Stay away from these. Instead, opt for the other end of the spectrum—muted colors that channel peace and relaxation. Blues offer a sense of order, strength, serenity, and care. Very light greens offer a boost of energy, warmth, and comfort; and whites, grays, and off-whites offer a clean and neutral environment perfect for clearing the mind. Finally, weave these light or neutral colors throughout your entire bedroom with your furniture, bedding, and accessories to solidify your color theme.

2. Emphasize comfort.

All the calming color schemes in the world won’t make a difference without the comfort and support of a quality mattress, soft, fluffy bedding, and plush pillows and throw blankets. We firmly believe there’s a reason for why the term “Cloud 9” exists to describe happiness—and that’s because it recalls the sense of floating and feeling of euphoria brought on by supreme comfort. Your bed and linens should make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. You can even take it one step further if you have the square footage: Consider adding an oversized chair or chaise with a cozy pillow and blanket to create a usable reading nook and an additional place to relax and kick your feet up—a place you want to spend time.

3. Eliminate clutter and chaos with smart storage.

Large dual wardrobe with frosted glass doors and drawers in bedroom with opened and closed doors Lastly, and most importantly (at least we think so!) is keeping your beautifully decorated room clean. No matter how soothing your color palette is, no matter how comfy your bed is, you won’t be able to relax with a messy room! How can you lie in bed when it’s covered in clothes? How can you put your mind at ease when there is junk in every corner and shoes scattered on the floor? To truly create a stress-free environment, there needs to be a sense of order. An organized closet or storage solution is the answer. Whether you have the space for a custom walk-in closet or a simple reach-in closet, this storage solution will make retrieving and putting away things easier, faster, and most importantly, give a proper home to each and every one of your items, so that when you have a rough day, you can plop down on your bed—without worrying about the mess around you—and think nothing but happy thoughts. Additionally, if you have no choice but to bring your work home with you and you don’t have a desk, or really crave cozying up in bed to work (or hey, maybe you have a cold and can’t get out of bed), perhaps consider a stylish storage bin or wicker basket to keep under your bed out of sight or under your nightstand where you can stow work papers, files, and your laptop when you’re done working. The key is providing a proper place for storage for each of your belongings to prevent clutter.

Your Bedroom is Your Sanctuary

Remember, your bedroom is your place of peace, your respite from the rest of the world. While often times you have little to no control over what happens in the world, in your bedroom, you have complete control of the things within it. So, without getting too deep into psychology, it makes perfect sense that keeping it organized with the proper storage solutions and orderly closets would eliminate stress. So go ahead, test out our theory. We don’t think you’ll regret it.