5 Awesome Window Seat Ideas for Mudrooms & Entryways

Jan 30, 2023 | Closet Builder, Design Tips

If you did already know, we just adore window seats. We don’t get to build them as much as we’d like, but we want to turn that around and here’s why. We think window seats in mudrooms and entryways (and virtually any room in the house) are charming, functional, and offer great benefits that make them well worth the small investment. Window seats help maximize mudroom space. They help streamline entryways. They create a welcoming place to stow shoes, put down packages, and retrieve items you just can’t leave the house without. Window seats essentially turn unused space into extra seating and highly-functional storage at a minimal cost. Even when space is limited, window seats add a new amenity to the home while also adding a touch of your personal style.   What makes window seats even more unique and functional is that there are a few different styles and storage options to consider. This blog will help you determine what works best for which applications. Here are five window seat storage options to consider when factoring in your needs and lifestyle:

  1. The Hinged-Top Window Seat

A hinged-top window seat is a great option for storing large or bulky items that might not otherwise have a permanent home. For a mudroom or entryway, this is a good spot for reusable grocery bags and umbrellas, for instance. The only drawback with this sort of window seat storage is having to remove cushions to access your goods. However, some clients who really love this look opt not to have cushions to eliminate this drawback. For living rooms and playrooms, this storage system is ideal for extra blankets, seasonal throw pillows, and big toys. Window seats in bedrooms and bathrooms can also double as a linen closet or laundry basket.

  1. Open Cubbies

For shelf-like storage, dividers can create distinct spaces (cubbies) for whatever will fill your mudroom or entryway window seat storage: one cubby for shoe storage, another for pet essentials like doggy coats, boots, leashes, treats, and waste bags. This also gives you a place to highlight and display featured items like nice boots, collection of baseball caps, or home decor. Cubbies also keep keep mudroom and entryway floors clear of tripping hazards, making them a supremely helpful storage system.

  1. Window Seats with Sidewall Shelves

This option involves additional storage be designing shelves in the walls on either side of your seat. Similar to the open cubby concept, sidewall shelves are a great place for grabbing on-the-go items you need when running out the door. Think baskets for scarves, hats, mittens, and mini umbrellas. It’s also a great place for decorative touches such as displaying books, picture frames, and plants that need ample sunlight.

  1. Window Seating with Drawers

If you like the idea of hiding goods that need to be tucked away because they aren’t the most aesthetically appealing, but think removing cushions is annoying, drawers under your window seats might be the solution for you.

  1. Window Seats with Doors

Window seats with cabinet doors also offer an equally neat and tidy enclosed storage space. One thing to keep in mind, though, that may make drawers the frontrunner is that drawers offer easier access to stored goods. With cabinets, you have to crouch down and reach into them to fish out what you’re looking for. With drawers,  you simply pull them out and select what you need.

Decisions, Decisions

While we strongly believe that any of the above window seat storage options enhance most spaces in the home and maximize storage, when making this crucial decision, we recommend first speaking to a custom closet designer or storage expert for their advice. Professionals with years of experience always uncover issues you might not have considered and make you rethink your solution. So do your research, get creative, consult an expert, and have fun!