5 Creative Closet Organizers for your College Dorm Room

Jan 31, 2023 | Custom Closets, Design Tips

Living in a college dorm room can at times be challenging, to say the least. You may be paired up with a roommate you’ve known all your life, or perhaps you went potluck and are rooming with a complete stranger. Whatever your situation might be, the undeniable fact is that you will be in very close quarters with this partner for the next nine months. And you both need to stay sane. And do well in school. One of the easiest ways for some people to maintain focus when it comes to school, work, and life in general is to have a calm, clean, and organized haven around them. This can sometimes be hard with not a lot of space, and a lot of things, but here are some great, inventive ideas to help keep that college dorm room even more organized than you ever thought possible:

1. Small Tension Rods

Small tension rods can be great closet organizers in your NJ dorm room. They’re perfect for those small spaces that would potentially go to waste. Installing a little tension rod on the side of your closet, may be the next best spot for your scarves or to stagger different rows of shoes. The fewer clothes and clutter you have out in the open the better your dorm room will feel and the more clear minded you will be. It’s also a considerate thing to do when sharing a room with someone else. Whether they’re the cleanest person or not, set the example and have your side of the room in tip top shape!

2. Over the Door Hamper

It’s common to focus on where you will hang all your clothes, and which closet  organizers you will try and utilize. But what about the dirty clothes? They need to go somewhere too, and not just tossed all over the room. Over the door hampers can be a great solution for keeping your dirty clothes out of sight and out of mind. closet organizers

3. Bulletin Board Jewelry

Living in a dorm room is all about being creative. Like where will you put all your necklaces or other accessories? Why not try a bulletin board! Posting your accessories up on a bulletin board is a super affordable and easy way to organize your jewelry and to make it easy to find and access. Decorate the bulletin board, or put pictures up on it as well to make the organizer a hip, new decoration as well.

4. Bed Risers

Bed risers can be a great solution to any sort of space issue that arises in your college dorm room. Raising the height of your bed can allow for tons more storage space underneath your bed. Some of the closet organizers you may have bought for your closet can even be used under your bed to store winter clothes, or whatever it may be. closet organizers

5. The Double Function Shower Caddy

A shower caddy doesn’t have to live up to its name. In fact the shower caddy can be a great, easy closet organizer for school supplies and other knick knacks that may be lying around your dorm room. It’s a great way to save space and remove some of the clutter that may be beginning to irritate you or your fellow roommate. There are all sorts of closet organizers that can be used to clean up your dorm room. Even things as basic as nice hangers and shelves can be great additions to your wardrobe or desk. An organized living space can truly make all the difference. For any design advice or sales questions when it comes to organizing your dorm room, contact us today at Closets Engineering!