5 Features Every Media Center Should Have

Jan 30, 2023 | Custom Closets, Design Tips

Many say the kitchen is the heart of a home. We don’t disagree, but we think the family room is a close second. When families aren’t eating, they are usually found relaxing in their living room or family room watching TV, a movie, or playing video games on the big screen. That’s why it’s important to carefully design and invest in your media center space. If you realize that the media consoles you buy from a furniture store’s show floor just won’t cut it, you might be leaning toward a custom-built media center. If and when you decide it’s the right move for you, this blog will serve as a guide for designing your very own custom media center. Here are five features a custom entertainment center console should offer:

1. Adaptable Storage

Technology is changing in leaps and bounds. Make sure your media center investment withstands the test of time and tech with adaptable storage features and utility for ever-changing technology. This can be achieved with thoughtful design with a combination of shelving, drawers, and cabinets.

2. Style

Media centers can be clunky and unrefined. Make sure yours looks clean, is built well, and meets your style preferences. Media centers can be customized and designed in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to best suit your eye as well as the architecture of your living and entertaining space.

3. Doors

Doors offer a stylish, functional, and decorative element to media consoles and cabinets. But what makes them an exceptional media center feature is that they are an excellent way to conceal messy cables and wires. Simply put, they keep your living room looking sleek and clean when your TV isn’t on.

4. Drawers

Media center drawers are, above all, functional. Drawers are a great for storing technology—remotes, game systems—and miscellaneous video games and DVD collection you may still be hanging on to. This eliminates the potential of clutter—providing additional storage space and keeping these items hidden from plainview.

5. Display Shelves

Of course not everything involving your entertainment center needs to be tucked away. That’s where custom display shelves come in handy. Maybe you have some framed family photos or decorative art you’d like showcased around your television—and obviously your TV, streaming device, Blu Ray player, and your sound bar or speakers—thus, functional display shelves are a necessity.

Sit Back, Relax, & Enjoy the Entertainment (Center)

As you can see, there is a subtle art to designing a media center that fits all the needs of your family, style, living space, and entertainment needs. Investing in a custom media center helps ensure increased functionality while also dramatically enhancing its overall aesthetic. It offers simple and adjustable concealed storage while looking sleek and clean. So whether you are looking for a wall-to-wall unit/floor-to-ceiling unit or something more compact, modest, or minimalistic, a custom media center is the way to go.

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