5 Tricks to Utilizing Closet Space this Holiday Season

Jan 31, 2023 | Custom Closets

The holidays are coming, and they’re coming with a lot of friends, family, parties, decorations and presents. The problem is that the rest of life doesn’t slow down when the holidays approach, and that means that in order to get the most out of your holiday season, you have to stay organized. For more information on how to customize your New Jersey (NJ) closet space to help you best stay organized this holiday season, contact your leading custom closet designer. In the meantime, you can use your custom closet space for a lot this holiday season – preparing for parties, hiding presents and bringing all of the best holiday goodies out of the woodwork for your family and friends. Below, we’re going to discuss five ways you can leverage your customized closet space this holiday season.

Creatively hide your presents.

Custom NJ Closet One of the most difficult parts of the holiday season is keeping the presents away from the kids – and sometimes the adults. With a custom closet, you can create all sorts of nooks and crannies in which you can hide your holiday presents until it’s time to open them. In some installations, you can even provide yourself with lockable drawers and cabinets in your custom NJ closet to make sure no one peeks at their holiday gifts before the big day.

Plan for the best holiday parties.

Custom NJ Closet Holiday parties include a lot of preparation – they require decorations, cooking, presents and planning to host larger groups of people. You can keep every part of your holiday party organized in your NJ custom closet. Use a section of your custom built closet to hold all of your holiday decorations, while maybe a custom shelving unit can act as a pantry for certain food items for the party. If you need other part supplies, such as utensils, food and alcohol or party games, a customized closet is the best place to organize each element of your holiday party before it happens.

Store all the goodies needed for those holiday sweets.

custom NJ Closet Holiday cookies, cakes and treats are often a tradition in many families. Icing, sprinkles, decorations, cookie cutters and many other iconic tools are often stored year round for the creation of holiday sweets when the season comes. A custom built closet can act as the ultimate pantry for organizing all of your holiday treats before and after their creation. This year, you don’t have to dig around for that gingerbread house toolkit. It will be right where you look the first time with your custom built NJ closet.

Bring decorations to the forefront.

custom NJ Closet Families often like to decorate for every holiday season. But holiday season between November and January is the most popular for decorating the inside and outside of your home. Using space in a custom built closet can keep all of your tools organized – no more do you have to pull balls of tangled string lighting out of a box in your basement. The right drawers, shelving units and cabinets will help to keep everything organized all year long until you need it.

Turn your closet into a present.

custom NJ Closet Give the gift of organization this holiday season by custom building your NJ closet. Building a custom closet will help with the holiday madness – but it can also help keep the madness of your everyday life at bay. Perfectly organize your clothing, shoes, kids toys, pantry items and everyday decorations with custom built shelving that perfectly fits your needs, or gift a custom built closet to a loved one this holiday season. Contact us today at Closet Engineers to learn how to turn your custom NJ closet into the best space to organize your holiday season.