6 Custom Closet Ideas to Clean up your Child’s Playroom

Jan 31, 2023 | Custom Closets, Design Tips

Once your family begins to grow…and grow…and grow, the mess unfortunately seems to grow with it. Cleaning is put on the back burner as you race around to daycare and soccer practice and student teacher conferences. But what if keeping your house and especially your children’s playroom clean wasn’t such a far off thought? Try some of these simple ideas to customize both the closets and the space of your child’s playroom.

1. Clear Storage Containers

Half the battle with a messy playroom is finding the toys you’re looking for! Searching among all the rubble of legos and puzzles can sometimes create an even bigger mess. That’s why clear storage containers can be such a wonderful idea when it comes to customizing your child’s closet in Monmouth County, NJ. These containers not only encourage your kids to clean up after themselves, but they can also see exactly what is inside. They don’t have to go hunting around, making a bigger mess when they wanted a particular train or barbie doll. Adding labels to these containers can really help in the organization process as well.

2. Curtains

Adding colorful light curtains can break up a playroom into parts, it can section off a closet, or in the very least it can help hide some mess! Hanging a curtain in front of a closet or messy bookshelf is a tidy and cute way to give yourself some sanity when you walk into your child’s playroom. Another good idea is drawing curtains around a certain area of the room to make it the reading nook. Curtains can also brighten up the room and add some fun or neutral color. custom closets in Monmouth County NJ

3. Loft It

Closets in your child’s playroom don’t have to be the typical cut out in the wall. When thinking space don’t just think diameters, think height! Stack beds, stack containers, and maybe even create a loft. A loft can be a fun way to organize a playroom and for your toddler to have some quiet time alone up in their little hideaway. It’s important to make use of all of the space you have.

4. Stuffed Animal Zoo

Stuffed animals are super cute, but unfortunately a lot less cute when they are scattered all over the playroom and all over the house. Create a little wooden box of some sort and name it the animal zoo! Encourage your kids to always put their animals to bed in the animal zoo before they leave the playroom. It’s a great way to engage your kids, and keep the house more organized.

5. Pegboards

Pegboards can go a long way in organizing custom closets in Monmouth County NJ. Just think, everything thrown on the ground or tossed around the room, can be easily hooked up to a pegboard. And even if the pegboard ends up looking a little messy, well at least it’s not on the floor. custom closets in Monmouth County NJ

6. Buckets

Buckets are another easy, simple way to make your custom closets in Monmouth County NJ all the more cute and organized. And the great thing is that buckets can hang on the wall or be stacked along the floor. They can have labels as well to help your children learn words and more appropriately organize toys and games. When it comes to keeping your child’s playroom organized and neat and tidy, don’t feel limited to the usual boxes and drawers, mix it up a little! Drawers and various boxes are essential staples to a playroom, but add some of these little trinkets in for good measure and nice decoration. It’s a playroom, it should have some pizazz! Contact us today at Closet Engineers for design and sales advice when it comes to organizing your home just the way you want it.