6 Practical Ideas for Your Custom Mudroom

Jan 31, 2023 | Design Tips

If you’re toying with the idea of building or remodeling your mudroom, this is the blog for you. A mudroom acts as a transition from outside to inside and is often the first place your guests see. Your mudroom acts as a first impression, so make sure it’s as stylish as the rest of your home! One of the first things you should do with your custom closet designer is determine the functionality of the mudroom. Knowing this will dictate what sort of storage is needed. Is the mudroom primarily for your kids—their backpacks and sports equipment? Do you yourself live an active lifestyle with lots of sports gear? Think cross-country skis, winter gear, fishing poles. What about if you have a pool or hot tub? This is a great place for towels and pool toys on the go. A mudroom can be an organized catchall for all your everyday storage needs. So if you’re in the market for a new mudroom, here are six practical ideas and tidying tips to transform your messy mudroom into a warm and welcoming environment.

1.Lockers and Cubbies

Full-length mudroom lockers or cubbies can organize your mudroom in any number of ways. Built-in lockers and cubbies give family members their own individual space to store essentials and help them each to keep neat. Keep in mind that the size of these storage units will be customized to each family’s needs. Additional lockers or cubbies could be divided based on activity: beach time, hunting and fishing, winter sports, after school activities. The options are endless—whatever works best for your family’s schedule and prerogative.

2. Built-in Cabinets

One of the best ways to organize everyday needs is with built-in mudroom storage. Tailor your custom cabinets with open shelving, cabinets with doors, wall hooks, and shoe storage to help you remember whatever you need on the go.

3. Built-in Benches

A client favorite is the built-in bench. A simple built-in bench is perfect even for smaller spaces. It provides a perch to sit on while putting on your boots and also acts as a great storage alternative where you can tuck belongings underneath it. Adding cushions to the bench helps offer a personal touch—and comfort.

4. Windows

Nowadays mudrooms usually come with windows. While you can’t have floor-to-ceiling lockers or cabinets covering them, it’s an excellent spot for a custom bench with cabinets or shelving surrounding the window. This is the best way to ensure your bright window is featured while optimizing your storage space.

5. Combined Laundry Room

If your don’t have the space for a dedicated mudroom, laundry rooms can be converted into multifunctional mudrooms by equipping them with the proper cabinets, shelving, and bench seating. This is actually an awesome alternative, providing you a place for removing dirty clothes from working out or doing yard work for immediate washing. Ideally, combined mudrooms and laundry rooms are located the back entry of the home for easy access to the washer and dryer.

6. Sinks

Sinks are excellent additions to mudrooms. This creates an area that allows you to wash up before entering the rest of the house. This add-on is  great for families with dogs, so you can use the sink to wash off muddy paws. A functional mudroom can serve many purposes. Our best advice is to pinpoint what they are and to work with a professional closet designer to ensure that the space looks beautiful, stays clean, and helps you get out the door quickly with everything you need each day.