7 Closet Ideas to Make Getting Ready for School a Breeze

Jan 31, 2023 | Bedroom Closets, Custom Closets

Getting your kid ready for school in the morning can be a headache, let alone getting three kids ready for school! It’s enough trouble just trying to wake everyone in your household up, but the feeding, grooming, and dressing process can really add some serious time to your morning routine. So as your kids grow up and are able to dress themselves, give them the opportunity to be even more self-sufficient as adolescents by helping them organize their closet. Here are some great closet organizational ideas for your little ones:

Play Clothes This Side

Separate your child’s clothes accordingly. What does he/she wear to school? And what does he/she wear for playtime and at night? Keep the play clothes off to the left, so that your child does not even have the temptation of trying on wild tutus and cowboy hats when you’re trying to get them on the bus! closet

School Clothes That Side

Try organizing your child’s school clothes off to the right side. If you want to get super organized maybe even think about hanging different outfits for each day of the week in order next to each other. And remember to keep the rod low enough, so that your child will easily be able to reach whichever clothes they are trying to access.

Summer Clothes…Bye! Bye!

Keeping only seasonal clothes in eyesight can really help with the organization process. For Fall time, try putting your child’s summer clothes in bins above or on shelves higher up and out of the way. This makes it easy to bring the clothes down when you need them, but not to have to rustle through these clothes when you’re searching for a school outfit.

Shoe Drawers

When your child’s got too many shoes, their closet AND their room can look like a war zone. Bottom drawers are a great way to avoid having shoes tossed all over the place. They’re easy enough that kids won’t mind throwing their shoes in the drawers, but still they do a great job of hiding the mess and keeping the closet looking neat and tidy. Maybe even consider having one drawer for school shoes and another for sandals, slippers, and other shoes that may just be for knock-around time. closet

Shoe Hangers

Shoe hangers on the inside of the closet doors can also be a great way to save some space and keep your child’s closet organized. And they do have an advantage against the shoe drawer that pairs are kept together and are more visible. So if you’re looking to save even more time in the morning, try shoe hangers so your children can just grab and go.

Dirty Laundry

Always save room in your child’s closet for their dirty laundry. Or else their room may wind up looking like a tornado. Whether you want to try a plastic basket or mesh fabric laundry bag, save a shelf within easy reach for your child to throw dirty laundry. Maintaining this space will allow you and your children not to have to rummage through piles of dirty and clean clothes to find a good outfit for school.

Hiding the Distractions

Toys and games can be ultimate distractions while your child is trying to get ready for school. So keep a few bins in the closet where they can toss their toys after they’re done using them. Maybe even offer a reward if they remember to put all of their toys away before bed at night. An organized closet can be an easy solution to reducing stress in the mornings. Use these helpful hints to try and keep your closet and your kid organized! Contact us today at Closet Engineers for some more closet design tips!