7 Mini Walk-in Closet Ideas For Your Bedroom

Jan 30, 2023 | Walk-In Closet

When you have a limited amount of space in your bedroom, you need to make optimal use of what’s available. That requires some clever planning and designing when it comes to your mini walk-in closet.

This guide shares seven clever ideas to consider when designing or optimizing your mini walk-in closet. Hopefully, some of these options will inspire your next round of home improvements.

1. Install Lighting & Mirrors

A small walk-in closet will be a tight space. There are things you can do to make the room you have available feel bigger, though. You can use a mirror to create the illusion of space. The larger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. You need to think about how you position the mirror as well. Angling the mirror so it reflects your open room will bring in more natural light, for example.

Smart use of overhead lighting can help you make the most of your mini walk-in closet. Lighting above your closet rods can illuminate your clothing, while dimmable switches allow you to adjust the ambiance.

2. Mix Different Types of Storage

You need to optimize the space in your walk-in closet. A smart way to do this is to use different types of closet storage. For example, you can install custom shelving, clothes poles, or drawers. If your walk-in closet doesn’t have much depth, you could use valet hooks to hang your clothes.

Another mini walk-in closet idea you can try is adding pull-out organizers to drawers or shelving. Pull-out draws help you separate items in a draw, which will keep your things organized. You can use pull-out draws for storing shoes, ties, and other items of clothing.

The distance between each mini-divider will depend on what you plan to use the space for. So, your drawer inserts can be close together if you’re using the space for ties, for example.

3. Make Every Area Accessible

When designing your walk-in closet, it’s logical to try and cram in as much storage space as possible. While that’s great in theory, it does result in you creating a lot of hard-to-reach spaces. These are the kind of spots where you’ll store items that you then forget about.

There are things you can do to make hard-to-reach spaces more easily accessible. For example, you can hang clothing on pull-down clothing rods. When you need something, you pull the rod towards you.

4. Take That Corner Carousel for a Spin

Make use of your mini walk-in closet corners as well. You can place things like a carousel, for example, in the corner of your walk-in closet. The corner carousel will typically allow you to hang clothes around a central pole. So, when you’re looking for your favorite outfit, just spin the corner carousel until you find what you need.

Alternatively, when creating a custom mini walk-in closet for your bedroom, you can install curved shelving and curved hanging poles. Adapting the design for the corners of your closet will ensure you make optimum use of your space.

5. Divide Your Walk-in Closet Into Zones

If you want your mini walk-in closet to look smart, consider splitting the closet into zones. You can separate your walk-in closet with a narrow dresser in the middle, for example, and a mirror above the drawers. The dresser will form a natural partition, which is a nice way to divide the space if you’re sharing your walk-in closet with your partner.

Leave floor space available so you can step into the closet. Consider where you place your hanging rod and drawers as well. You’re more likely to enjoy the space if it’s tidy.

6. Create a Jewelry Wall

If you’re struggling to keep your jewelry organized, don’t worry. A jewelry wall is a nice way to make everything easily accessible. A jewelry wall will help you organize your things, prevent stuff from getting into a tangled mess, damaged or destroyed.

It’s easy to personalize your jewelry wall. There are many different types of jewelry hooks. The same goes for the shape of the mirror, which you’ll often find hanging close to a jewelry wall. Personalizing your mini walk-in closet can make it visually appealing, too!

7. Install a Custom Closet

Getting the layout right is important when designing a new mini walk-in closet for your bedroom. Hire a reputable custom closet designer with experience designing and creating walk-in closets. They’ll be able to provide you with design tips.

You can turn to a company like Closet Engineers for advice on what would work best for your room. We’re a family-owned and operated firm active in the tri-state area for over 60 years.

Wrapping Up

This guide shared seven ideas to consider when designing or renovating a mini walk-in closet for your bedroom. Make sure to make optimum use of your space. The right lighting, using mirrors, mixing different types of storage, or using a corner carousel are all great mini walk-in closet ideas.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do with a closet when you use a bit of creativity. Just follow these tips and entrust the work to a reputable custom closet designer. You’ll maximize every inch of that mini walk-in closet space for sure.