9 Brilliant Closet Organizer Ideas You Should Know About

Jan 30, 2023 | Bedroom Closets, Closet Builder, Design Tips

Picture this scenario: you must be at an event in two hours tops. Your hair is a mess. You aren’t sure where you kept your camisole or briefs either. Your shoes are in a heap on the floor. And oh, found your trousers yet? They could be anywhere!

Your room is a mess.

Now stop.

If there’s anything we’ve established, it’s that an organized closet makes your life somewhat easier. But regardless of the space that you have available, you can have a clutter-free closet. Here are nine closet organizer ideas you can use to make the most of your space.

Depending on the size of your closet, sometimes, the first step to creating an organized space is letting go. There’s no point holding on to clothes or shoes you never wear.

Throwing away your clothes can be difficult, though. Many of us like to keep hold of nice clothes for the future. Yet, if you’re honest with yourself, if you don’t regularly wear an item of clothing, you probably never will.

Declutter your closet to free up space by taking away items you rarely use.

folding clothes

Sorting out your closet makes it easier to identify items you could donate or repurpose in the future. The best part? It’s your first step to having an organized closet space.

Keep clothes like winter jackets or bathing suits that you don’t regularly wear in a separate space. You could keep these items in baskets under the bed or stack them up on shelves if you have enough shelf space. Just ensure your seasonal items are within reach when you need them.

For instance, you could keep the jackets, gloves, and other cold-weather gear at the bottom shelf in the fall and lighter clothing for warm weather on the upper shelf. That creates room and gives you access to items you use regularly.

Set aside a space for hanging garments of sizes instead of folding dresses over on themselves or letting them pool on the floor. Hangers help prevent cluttering which gives your closet an aesthetically pleasing look while making your clothing easily accessible.

A hanging space also makes it easier to identify the clothes you want to wear while keeping them wrinkle-free. Ordering the clothes you hang by type will make things easier to find.

Embrace dividers for a versatile arrangement of clothes and accessories in your closet. Using dividers to create layers lets you organize your items easily. You can use dividers to create layers for footwear, accessories, and clothing.

Clothes hanging in a closet

When organizing your wardrobe, take into account the bulkiness of the clothing. For example, clothes that weigh more could go into lower layers and vice-versa. This way, there is no need for you to worry about items toppling over and making a mess.

Clothes are not the only things you can hang in a closet. You can hang accessories as well.

Since purses and bags have a way of “getting lost” especially when you need them, consider hanging them on closet hooks to keep them accessible. Using hooks appropriately will help to organize your space and reduce closet clutter.

You may have figured this out already, but color coding and labeling items will make things easier to find and make your space look more pleasant. If you’re a minimalist, use fewer colors for a cohesive finish.

Coordinate your trousers or shirt collections by color on the hangars. Also, consider color-coding and labeling your boxes.

Closet with cubby for shoes

Not only does color coding and labeling keep your closet organized, but it can save you some time in the morning as well. That’s handy if you want to put together a color-coordinated outfit for the day quickly.

Your bins and hampers will come in handy when you need to store a bunch of stuff. You can store clothes you are not ready to wear or laundry you don’t want to take out in bins and hampers.

Placing laundry bins in an organized closet helps to tackle wardrobe clutter easily. You can gather a pile of laundry, so it’s ready for the next wash.

Consider stashing two hampers in your closet. You can have one hamper for dark laundry and one for light. That way, you don’t need to worry about your clothing getting stained.

When organizing your closet, you want to maximize every inch of space — especially if you only have limited room available. With that in mind, make the most use of the top of your closet.

Closet with lots of cabinet space

It is easy to optimize those high spaces by adding storage areas. You can put those items you just can’t throw away yet into those areas. That way, those items of clothing stay hidden and out of the way. By adding a second level to the top of your closet, you increase your storage area without creating a messy scene.

If you’re short of space and have a mini walk-in closet, try to separate where you hang your clothing. For example, you can use a coat rack close to your front door to hang bulky items like your winter coat. Reducing the number of items you place in your closet can keep things more organized.

Wrapping Up

No matter how much you love an item or a piece of clothing, if you can’t see it, you can’t use it. Leverage every unused space and let your imaginations do the trick. Remember, you’re aiming for a clutter-free closet, so put in some effort.

With the closet organizer ideas listed in this article, you have one less reason to go late for an event today.