Clean Up Your Kitchen with These Closet Ideas

Jan 31, 2023 | Custom Closets, Design Tips

For the cook of the family, the kitchen is a haven of good smells and good eats. However the cleaner of the family can easily get pushed out with all the cans and cereals and ketchup bottles that have to be stored. They leave themselves wondering…but what about my broom? And my dustpan? And my clorox?! The kitchen is usually the room that ignites the most destruction — you’ve seen your kitchen floor after a family dinner. So, you want your clean-up supplies close by, but unfortunately there isn’t always a ton of room under your kitchen sink for EVERYTHING you might need. Here are some fabulous ideas for finding space in your kitchen for all your most necessary cleaning supplies:

Make Use of that Long, Skinny Closet

Some homeowners may have a thin closet already in their house not even being used. That’s awesome! But don’t just stick a few brooms in there and call it a day. Use closet organizers to maximize the space of your thin closet. Add shelves so that you can put all of your cleaning supplies on one shelf and maybe another shelf can be for extra paper towels. Get creative with your home, even when it comes to something as mundane as organizing cleaning supplies. And it you’re having a bit of trouble envisioning what to do with a space, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Designers and organizers will have all sorts of ideas to suggest. closet organizers

How Big is Your Pantry?

No one said the pantry in your home only had to be for food…right? So for those of you with some extra space in your pantry, but no closet dedicated just to cleaning supplies, combine the two! Maybe save the very top shelf of your pantry for Windex, Bleach, etc. And keep the brooms off to one side. This way your food will still be the primary thing you and your family sees when they open the door of your pantry. Installing closet organizers into your pantry can also better dedicate certain parts of the pantry to cleaning supplies. This may be especially helpful for households with younger children.

Mobile Storage

Sliding storage can be your best friend when it comes to making room for brooms, swiffers, etc. In many homes, there may be a little gap between the refrigerator and the wall, or the oven and the wall. Utilize this space! Sliding storage will allow you to hook in brooms and such to a makeshift coat hanger for cleaning supplies. When you need a broom just slide it out and choose your cleaning weapon. It’s a great way to make use of all the space you have, and to keep unsightly cleaning supplies semi-hidden. closet organizers

Wall Cut-Out

Got some extra wall space? Make a closet yourself! Or if you don’t feel comfortable, hire a professional. The limits of what you can do with your home are endless, so if you see you might have some extra space in your kitchen, think outside the box and add in your own broom closet. Add in some closet organizers and a beautiful door for a final touch, and it’ll look as though the closet was always there. Don’t let home design and organizing be intimidating. There are so many solutions both simple and complex that can make a smaller home, feel more spacious than ever! When you want your broom or your mop, you don’t want to have to climb over cobwebs and hunt up stairs for them. Keep them at easy access, but also out of eyesight with one of these four ideas. For help designing a new closet or for customers looking to buy closet organizers, contact us today at Closet Engineers!