Create A Space For All Your Holiday Décor

Jan 30, 2023 | Custom Closets

Decorating your home for all the different holidays can be a lot of fun. From flags and bunting for the Fourth of July, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts for Halloween or snowflakes and lights for Christmas, nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more than putting up your decorations. That is, unless you are unable to find your favorite decorations, or worse, discovering they’re damaged or broken.

Find A Storage Area

Designate a space in your home that will be set up for holiday storage. This can be in the attic, garage, closet, or any space that you may be able to house a cabinet with shelving for large bins and boxes. You may not think you have a lot of closet space or enough room in your garage to store everything, but with the right storage equipment, all your décor can be easily stored away in an organized fashion. A closet professional can help you measure and create custom shelving for all your holiday needs.

Selecting The Right Shelving Options

In order to decide what size shelving or cabinet that will work best, you first need to determine how much holiday décor you have. This might be a good time gather everything in one place and decide what to keep or discard.

There are many different cabinet or shelving options to choose from. You might want to go with metal open shelves if you are storing the décor in the garage, or perhaps a closed door cabinet if it will be in an area of the house that will be seen often. Either way, having the right storage solutions for your décor will make ensure that they are within easy reach all year round.

Deciding On The Right Bins

Many people keep their decorations in cardboard boxes. Although this is a popular practice it’s not ideal. Cardboard boxes are not able protect your decorations from the elements. They’re also susceptible to collapsing or ripping and will not stand the test of time. Plastic containers are a better choice for organizing and storing your decorations.

Plastic containers also make it possible for you to color code your decorations by holiday. You can use a different color and size box for each holiday. For example, red for Valentine’s Day, green for Christmas, orange for Halloween and more.

Placing The Items In The Bins

Separate out the items for each bin based on size and use. This will ensure that smaller delicate items are stored separately and kept safe. Small round glass ornaments can be placed in specialized ornament keeps before being placed in the larger bins. Larger delicate decorations can be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap that can be reused each year. Holiday lights lights can be neatly wrapped and placed inside smaller boxes for storing. Wreaths and other circular items can be stored in round boxes to ensure they stay safe and do not get crushed. Artificial trees and garland can also be stored easily in one of the bins


Once everything is sorted, protected and placed in the appropriate color box, make a list of each box’s contents. Stick the list on both sides of the box as well as the lid, and cover the list with clear tape to ensure it stays in place.

Arrange On The Shelves

After all your boxes are packed and labeled, you can added them to the shelving unit that you selected. To make things even easier, arrange the color-coded boxes by the order in which the holidays occur. This way, when the holidays come you just need to take the next bin off the shelf.

You invest a lot of time and money into your holiday décor and storing them properly will ensure that they will be able to be used for years to come. The right holiday storage solutions also do not have to be a large investment or take up a lot of space in your home in order to achieve your décor storage needs.