Five Traits to Look for in a Custom Closet Builder in New Jersey

Jan 31, 2023 | Closet Builder, Custom Closets

No custom home is complete without a custom closet. Think about what a regular closet space offers. An open space to put clothes in, usually with a single solid rod across the top and maybe a shelf above that. This space is responsible for everything, clothes, shoes, belts, ties, fashion accessories, and with today’s ever changing styles how do you even fit it all in? If you’re like most people you get it in where you can fit it in. Hang the clothes where you can, stack the shelf with the clothes that won’t hang, and even with the best organizational skills, most closets end up looking like a jumbled mess after a few days sorting through outfits. How can you expect to fit every piece of your wardrobe on the same rod if we don’t even get all of our wardrobe at the same store. You can do better. A custom closet can be built for any wardrobe and person for any reason from the fisherman who wants to keep his work gear separate from his weekend gear, to the fashionista who has a separate yet complete outfit for every occasion. A custom built closet can be the answer to a cluttered closet. But before you start hiring the first builder in the search engine here are some things to look for in a custom closet builder. nj closet design

Look for a company with experience

Just like with any other major project, a custom closet builder is going to come into your home and install something you are going to be using and looking at every day. A closet maker with experience has built a number of these before. They are going to know how to build and design your closet in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Preview their work

A custom closet is going to be a work of art. Imagine a closet with no wasted space. A good closet designer should be able to show samples of their work. Also don’t be afraid to do some research, find testimonials, and people who have already gotten a custom closet. Someone who is using a custom closet built by your builder every day is going to be a better sales tool because they already understand and are using the value of a custom closet.

Make sure you hire a designer not just a builder

A less than qualified builder might just grab any off the shelf design and install it in your closet. Realistically, you can do that yourself with a weekend. A true custom closet designer is going to be more than an expert, he is going to look at your closet and design a custom space based on what you want. That’s the value of custom, a custom designer will do more than just build a closet, they will make sure that there is function and purpose to every inch of the closet space.

Materials and Hardware are just as important

Make sure that the company you pick can masterfully match the rest of your home. A homemade closet can be built very inexpensively. A custom closet can offer finishes from wood to lamination. A company that specializes in wood working is going to produce a stronger quality product that lasts longer. Wood working projects can create a beautiful project with a high level of attention to detail. If your house is a more modern set up, metal hardware is a great choice. Make sure your custom closet builder can masterfully build the custom closet of your dreams

Make sure they Guarantee their Work

A builder is going to come into your home and build something that you will continue to use every day. A builder that offers a warranty means that they care about your satisfaction long after the build is over. custom closets nj For over 60 years, Closet Engineers have been specializing in custom closet build and design. They meticulously work through every step of the closet design with you from idea conceptualization to the end of the build, the final design is always approved by the customer. They know closets inside and out, and their website is filled with samples of their amazing work so when it’s time for your custom closet build look no further than Closet Engineers.