How to Build a Show-Stopping Showcase Closet in 5 Simple Steps

Jan 30, 2023 | Custom Closets, Design Tips

Custom Closets Beyond Organization

Have dreams of making your closet more than a storage hub? Do you fantasize about a space where you can display your fashion-forward wardrobe and accessories—maybe your rare, limited edition, vintage, or impossible-to-find pieces? We’re here to make this dream a reality. With our five simple tips, you can transform your closet into a beautiful, highly customized, highly organized display space that shows off all your most enviable assets.

  1. Add closet lighting.

You’ve gotta see it in order to envy it, right? Well that means you need to light it so it can be seen! Ceiling lights are important to illuminate the overall space, but in order to achieve that showcase vibe,  you’ll want to invest in specific closet lighting. For example, shelf lighting to highlight specific items of your choosing. Shelf lighting will truly take your closet to the next level and allow you to show off exactly what you want.

  1. Include purposeful closed storage.

Not all clothing and accessories are created equal. We get it. Not every piece you own is worth putting front and center. Think old sneakers, gardening shorts, and college hoodies. With this in mind, make sure to include dedicated space for clothes to remain hidden. These items can easily be stowed away or folded in baskets or drawers rather than be on display with open shelving.

  1. Color coordinate.

We recommend displaying your items by type and color. For instance, all blouses should be hung together and grouped by hue, transitioning from light to dark colors. Arrange all your clothes and shoes using this pattern, and continue this pattern to maximize this great organizational and aesthetic effect. You’ll wonder where you are—if you’re in your own custom closet or if you accidentally wandered into a high-end boutique!

  1. Match your hangers.

Consistency is key. And it’s not just what you have on your hangers, but the hangers themselves. Make sure to hang all your hangers facing one direction to give your closet that uniformed look. More importantly, make sure all your hangers are identical in style and color. We can’t stress enough how this will make the space so much more visually cohesive. Definitely don’t skip this tip!

  1. Keep calm, stay organized.

Amazing. You’ve implemented all our tips. Now it’s all about maintenance. Keep your beautiful showcase closet clean. Be sure to pick up after yourself on a daily basis and keep up with the tips we’ve shared with you—keep your closet color coordinated and your hanging clothes faced in the same direction. We know upkeep can be difficult with a busy life, so if daily maintenance becomes too overwhelming, opt for a weekly sprucing. We also recommend an annual cleanse, where you donate any unused, unwanted, or outdated apparel and accessories. This will help keep your closet optimally organized and airy.

Enjoy Your Gorgeous Closet & its Contents

We know how much joy certain fashion items can bring to you, so we are very excited that you’re taking these few simple steps and basic upgrades toward achieving a showcase closet to display your coveted belongings. Custom boutique-style closets are not only en vogue, they’ll never go out of style. Enjoy!