How To Create A Home Office Out Of A Small Closet or Nook

Jan 30, 2023 | Closet Builder, Custom Closets

Everyone could benefit from having some type of home office to handle duties like paying bills and storing files in a designated spot in their homes. If you have been trying to add a home office, and think you don’t have a room to spare, perhaps you just need to think creatively. When properly outfitted and furnished it possible to create a beautiful, functional and useful home office space out of a small closet, nook or underused area of your home.

Determining The Right Space

Look around your house to find an area that is not being not used to its best potential, and access if it will fit with your lifestyle. Do you want a private office area in an upstairs bedroom, or an area near the kitchen that isn’t too isolated from family members? Whatever you choose, a home office can be created in any small space. Here are some examples that may work for you.

  • Use A Cabinet
    It may sound strange at first, but a cabinet can be an ideal place for a home office. A desk can pull or fold out from a cabinet to create a comfortable work surface when needed, but closes away when you are done working. This arrangement keeps the work space from getting in the way of home space and does not take up any extra room. Shelves above the desk can be used for additional storage.
  • Under The Stairs
    The angled space under the stairs is often closed off or an area where junk can pile up. It is an underutilized space that can be made functional, by clearing it out and opening it up.
    This angled-nook can make a perfect home office. Bookshelves added to the back wall at varying widths that follow the slope of the stairs will maximize storage potential, and placing desk underneath the shelving will add an inviting place to sit and work.
  • Use A Bookcase 
    A built-in bookcase can be converted into a complete home office workstation with filing, shelves and desk space. The shelving can be removed and a shelf desk placed in the middle. The upper shelves can be replaced with a cabinet doors to create a more finished look, and the bottom shelves are taken off to make room for a chair to slide underneath.
  • A Closet
    Any closet can be easily transformed into a home office. It will just need to offer enough space to fit a desk and some shelving. The closet door can be left on or off, depending on your needs and style. If the doors are removed, the desk space will become a nook within the room, and if the doors are on, it can be shut when you are done working.

Choosing Components

Since you are working in a smaller space, it is important to get the proper measurements. Closet professionals will ensure that the desk is placed at the proper height, and that there is enough space for the chair to pull out comfortably. Open or closed shelving added above the desk are used for organizing files and other office equipment. Bulletin boards and other wall organizational systems can go a long way in these type of small spaces. It is also important to make sure the space has the proper lighting and electrical outlets added if needed.

Make It Inspiring

Just because you are working in a small space does not mean it has to feel small. Painting an accent wall in a bright color, hanging pictures, and adding other decorative touches will make the space feel more inviting. Consider using fun pillows as accents and personal touches to make it feel inviting.

At first you may feel that a closet-style office is a compromise, but there are many reasons why this type of office is beneficial. A smaller space means less to organize, which may help you keep your desk and work area cleaner. An easy accessible small home office may mean less wasting time in a large uninspired room, and more time for you to get right into your tasks at hand. One of the biggest positives is that you will no longer need to take over the kitchen table with all of your work related activities.