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How to Organize a Very Small Laundry Room

Sometimes it can feel like your laundry load is never-ending. Washing. Drying. Folding. Then repeat all over again. There’s already so much to do, which can become even more of a challenge when you have a tiny laundry room. 

A lot of clutter naturally builds up. It can sometimes feel like there are no storage solutions that will work in such a small space.  Then before you know it, you can’t find any clean clothes. And your boss is wondering why you’ve turned up to work in a wetsuit. 

But don’t worry, things don’t have to get that bad. 

There are plenty of cheap strategies you can implement to organize a very small laundry room. In fact, laundry rooms are some of the cheapest rooms to renovate. They take up only 10% of the median spend on interior renovations

graph of money spent interior room renovations

With that in mind, here are ten ways to organize your laundry room.

1. Install a custom closet.

Sometimes more is less. And this is true for a small room.

Adding storage space like cupboards to your laundry room will help you become more organized. You can keep everything neatly packed away in your cupboard. The drawers let you store folded laundry. Cupboards are great for detergents and other products. 

If you use a short cupboard, then you can use the worktop to store things too. Or keep it free as a space to fold and stack your clothes. You can use a worktop to hold a mini ironing board, as well, which can be a great space saver.

White tile background and wood shelves


2. Install some shelves.

Shelves are the perfect way to utilize empty wall space within very small rooms.

Adding shelves doesn’t have to be a big or even an expensive change. There are affordable shelving options in all sizes. Start by measuring how much wall space you have. This could be a long and thin piece of wall next to the door. Or a wide space above the washer and dryer.

Both would work for different types of shelves and would give you more storage space than before.

3. Use those nooks and crannies.

Shelves are great, but you can't tidy away all of your items neatly on a shelf.

Detergent bottles can be too big. Coat hangers can stick out. The iron board is a bit of an eyesore! If this is your situation, then it might be best to hide the mess behind a door or a curtain.

Strategic tidying helps make your room look organized without getting rid of any essentials.

Sometimes there is space behind doors. You could also have some doors fitted below an existing cupboard. Or, if you’re on a budget, you could put up some material on a piece of cable. It does the same job but at half the price!

Optimizing the space you have without inviting builders into your home provides an immediate solution to your clutter. It’s not a good long-term option, though.

4. Mount your clothes dryer to the wall.

Floor space is like gold dust in a small space, so you want to make sure you keep as much of it free as possible. Items like clothes dryers take up a lot of floor space. But they don’t have to.

There are many clothes drying solutions for people with limited space. You can tuck them away behind a cupboard or mount them onto a wall. Some dryers even have hooks and extra storage space on top.

5. Change the lighting.

Sometimes small laundry can feel small and disorganized because they’re dark. The room could be because it’s a windowless room with no natural light. Or the only window is in the shade. Either way, they’re stopping your room from reaching its full potential.

Adding more light will also let you see everything, so you can better organize your laundry.

Try putting in some wall lamps or a battery-powered clip-on light. And always position the lights as high up as possible, so they can reach as many dark spaces as possible.

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, use LED lighting. LED lights save Americans $26 billion a year while cutting electricity use by half compared to regular lights.

white stacked washer and dryer in a closet space


6. Utilize another room.

So you’re still struggling to get organized with such a small laundry room? Then you may want to consider using another room for certain activities and storage.

First, assess whether everything needs to be in your laundry room.

For example, could you do the ironing elsewhere? And if so, can you store the ironing board elsewhere, too?

Moving things outside of the laundry room can free up essential space and make it easier to organize the room. It’s a logical solution, but it might not be the most practical option.

Wrapping up

So there are a few ideas for how to organize a very small laundry room.

It’s not hard, but it does take some careful thought and planning.

Start by thinking about what you need and where it needs to go. Then measure the space you have available, particularly wall and floor space. Think about what you can remove or store in another space, as this will give you more room for essential storage.

But also think about what you can move around the room or hide behind doors and curtains.

There are now so many options available to help you organize a small space that there is no reason to hold back. To make the most of your space, though, consider talking to the professionals. At Closet Engineers, we’ve got years of experience helping homeowners like you make the most of their available space. Get in touch with us to make an appointment.