Making the Most Out of Small Closets

Jan 30, 2023 | Custom Closets

You might think custom closets are not for your home because your closets are just too small. In fact, the opposite is true. Small closets can easily be transformed into a space that is not only mess-free, but functional, and dynamic. A custom closet professional can turn the smallest of closets into an organized harmonious space. By using the following steps, you can be on your way to having a closet you never thought possible.


The first step in transforming your closet is to take precise measurements. No matter how good you are at measuring, a closet designer will make sure each and every curve, molding, and angle is accounted for. Closets systems sold in stores are one-size-fits-all, and will not be able to maximize every square inch of your closet. Many closets have unique shapes, and little nooks that can be transformed into something useful. What you might think of as dead space, a closet designer can see potential for shelving, drawers, or extra storage areas.

Take Inventory

It is hard to organize all of your clothing and items that you have in your closet. In order to begin, you need to go through what you have, what you use most, what you use infrequently, and what you no longer need. No closet, no matter how big or small, will be functional and organized if you don’t prioritize. You should evaluate what needs to be front and center, what items can be shelved away for later use, or what things can be discarded or donated. This streamlining process will give you a better sense of what types of closet organizational systems you need.

Have A System

Once you have taken the time to streamline and declutter, it is time to create an organizing system for your things. When your closet is small, you might think you will be able to find anything easily because there isn’t that much space to look. In fact, it is pretty easy to lose things when items are tightly packed in. Start by sorting clothes by type (jackets, shirts, dresses, etc.…) and within those types you can break it out by color, sleeve length, or season.

Closet Tools

Now for the fun part! Professional closet designers have a number of tricks and tools to maximize your space. Many small closets can utilize the vertical space. Shelves that are placed high up out and of the way can be used to store off-season clothing or items you don’t need frequently.

The closet height will also allow you to install double-hanging rods. Nothing transforms a closet as quickly and dramatically as double-hanging rods. Hanging items can store many more items than clothes folded on a shelf.

A custom closet can also make the most use out of floor space. Shoe storage racks or cubbies can be added to ensure that all of your shoes have a place. Place your most frequently used shoes within easy reach, and others that are used occasionally in an area you use for storing things away.

Shelf dividers can organize all of your folded sweaters, shirts, towels, sheets, and more. The dividers will keep neatly folded stacks in place.
Labeled storage bins can be placed on higher shelves for items that you don’t need to get to often. Items can be swapped out once a year, or seasonally, to place what you need immediately in easy reach.

Doors are another area where you can create space. If your closet has a hinged-opening door, you can install small shelves, cubbies, or pouches there. Place items you need to grab easily here. These can be used for chargers, gloves, scarves, keys, jewelry, and more.

Slimline hangers are another way to create more space. You may not think that slimmer hangers can’t amount to much more space, but think of a half-inch slimmer hanger multiplied by 30 and you can see how this adds up to valuable space.

Compliment Your Style

In smaller closets, it is the little things that make a big impact. Once you have the tools in place, you can add personal touches to your closet to make it a showcase. You may have some space to add a mirror, small decals or colorful décor. Who wouldn’t like to open their closet door and be greeted with an inspirational quote or a favorite framed picture of you dog?

Maybe paint the inside of the door or the side wall in a fun color that coordinates with your home. An upholstered step stool or bench can be stored inside the closet for reaching items on the higher-up shelves, or used as a place to sit and put on your shoes.

The fun part of decorating is that it is entirely up to you and the possibilities of what you can do are up to your imagination and inspiration