New Home Closet Organization Systems

Jan 31, 2023 | Bedroom Closets, Custom Closets, Walk-In Closet

Moving into a new house is fun, it’s exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming. Moving is the time you really come to realize just how much STUFF you really have, whether it’s kitchen supplies, dishes, or just tons and tons of clothes. Moving is also the time where all of this STUFF seems to magically go missing. Being in a new environment makes it hard to keep track of where the perfect spot for the cutting board was, or where you placed your favorite dress. To make your home a little easier to navigate, closet organization systems can be installed to solve all of your home organizational woes.

 The Bedroom

When the word closet comes to mind, most homeowners and renters immediately think of the classic bedroom closet, and hopefully a walk-in closet. Closets are not only a great means of storage, but a great way to keep clutter out of eyesight. But does have a closet always have to be cluttered? The answer is no! A closet can be just as organized as the rest of your house as long as you have the right equipment to keep it that way. Hangers are a good base for your bedroom closet organizational system. To hang clothes and keep certain apparel more visible than others, you have to have hangers. But shelving and spacing is just as important. Perhaps you want to keep winter clothes up above along a top shelf during the summer, and then rotate the clothes with the changing of the seasons. Maintaining space among your clothes and shoes, also allows for a more organized and easy to navigate closet. We also tend to forget about accessories when it comes to closet organization systems. These can come in the most handy when keeping your smaller, easier to lose items in check and available for day to day use. For jewelry wearers there are so many artistic and creative means to hang earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and to keep them all together. Maybe you want to hang them on hooks on the wall, or maybe keep all your pieces in a special jewelry box. Hats and ties are other accessories to consider when organizing the perfect closet. A row of tie hooks can keep your ties clean, properly folded, and in order of primary use. Hats can either be stacked in drawers or hung on the wall to serve also as decoration.closet organization system

The Kitchen

Closets are not limited just to the bedroom. In fact the cabinets and pantries that line most homeowners’ walls are just as important to maintain, primarily because they can contain perishable items. The spice cabinet is a good place to start. When little ones are running all around and three different dishes are cooking at the same time, it’s important to know exactly where the garlic is and where the onion powder is, so you don’t have to waste even a second looking. Spinning spice cabinets are great so that all spices are easily visible and accessible. Keeping the dry goods of your pantry organized is also very important. Certain snacks can be grouped together, older items kept toward the front, etc. Maintaining an intact closet organization system in your kitchen will allow you to keep a better eye on your food inventory and allow those sudden urges to be satisfied immediately. All of us are not necessarily blessed with the intuition and the creativity to organize as best we could. That’s why it’s so helpful to hire a closet engineer, in order to have an outside eye on the space you call yours. Contact us today for any of your closet organization system needs!closet organization system