Organize your Closet in Time for the Holidays

Jan 31, 2023 | Bedroom Closets, Custom Closets, Design Tips

The holidays are a busy, bustling time for everyone. We dress up for Halloween, we stuff our faces on Thanksgiving, and we give gifts and celebrate family around Christmas time. And it all happens in a matter of weeks! With all these changing of decorations and preparing holiday outfits, it’s important to have a closet that’s ready to keep up. Here are a couple great ways to use closet organizers to make your life around the holidays so much easier:

Labels, labels, labels!

Your boxes of decorations may be in your own closet, they may be in the attic, or they may be down in the basement. But wherever they are, they always seem to make themselves very hidden and hard to identify. Don’t waste time this Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas by rummaging through a million of boxes trying to find the one with the right decorations. This year, take the time to label all of your boxes ahead of time. Grab a sharpie and some sticky, bright labels and give each box a name. closet organizers

Choose the Right Box

Boxes can be your best friend when it comes to closet organizers. However, they can also be your worst enemy if they tear or break down easily with too many decorations inside. This year, replace any of your cardboard boxes that contain Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes and choose instead a heavy duty plastic box with a sealed tight lid on top. This way you can know your things are staying clean and secure throughout the duration of the year, and you can ensure that the box will be so much more sturdy. They’re affordable and also very easy to stack on top of one another, which can make for great storage post holiday season.

Don’t Settle for Flimsy Hangers

Flimsy hangers can mean doomsday in closet world. Buying cheaper, plastic hangers can mean saving money at one time, but it will also mean having to spend more money on replacement hangers later on. Holiday time can be stressful, and for those of you who need a tidy closet to maintain a clear mind, broken hangers can really be a night ruiner. So splurge now before the holidays come and buy some satin padded hangers for your delicate clothing items and wood hangers for your coats and such. Rotating hangers around holiday time can also be a great time saver and organizational tool. If you have more events coming up due to holiday parties and family get togethers, place some of your nicer party outfits up front, so you don’t have to go digging and scrounging around. closet organizers

Try Canvas Shelving

Sometimes using a hanger isn’t always the best option for certain clothing items. Things like sweaters and t-shirts do have the potential to stretch out if hung up. And not everyone has the most closet space in the world! So for times like these try canvas shelving as a means of closet organizers. They are a great way to keep your holiday sweaters at easy access all season long. Canvas shelving also looks great! Not everyone wants plastic shelves visible in their closet, so canvas fabric can be a great compromise. Some canvas shelving has drawers and some are wide open shelves, it’s whatever you prefer! Take on the holiday season headstrong this year, by adding some closet organizers to your closet or wardrobe to make life that much easier. Closet organizers can be great for storing clothes, decorations, and so much more. Contact our staff today at Closet Engineers for closet and storage design and sales! We can make any space an organized one!