Top 10 Closet Organization Tips And Tools

Jan 30, 2023 | Closet Builder

A clean and organized closet can create a sense of calm and order in day-to-day routines, but they are often the last place to get tackled when it comes to home organization. In reality, it only takes a little bit of effort to make any closet more functional and efficient. Below are the top ten tips and tools to get you on the road to a more organized space.

Edit What You Own

The first step in closet organization is to go through what you have and decide what to keep, donate or discard. Take the opportunity to weed out clothing and other items that don’t fit right, are out of style, or simply never used. This process will make room for the items you are keeping and space for new things as well. If you are unsure about it, try the hanger method. As you put your clothes away, hang the hangers backwards on the rod, and as you wash and re-wear put them back the correct way.  At the end of the year, you can safely donate or discard the clothing that is still facing backwards.

Placement Is Key

One of the easiest ways to keep a closet organized is to place with purpose. Like items should be placed together so they will be easier to find. Items can be sorted by color, sleeve-length or even by occasion. You can utilize whatever system that works best for you. Be sure to place the things used most often in the prime front-and-center space to ensure they are readily available, and less used items can be stored away for future use.

Double Your Clothing Space

Installing your clothes rods one over the other will instantly double the amount of hanging space in any closet. With the exception of long evening gowns and trench coats, most clothing doesn’t require the full height of the closet. Double hanging rods are a quick and efficient way to increase storage and should be one of the first strategies to help organize your space.

Make Use Of The Top Shelf

Most closets, even the smallest ones, should make the most out of the vertical space available. Most people overlook the top shelf because it is out of reach for day-to-day items, but it is valuable real estate to place boxes and bins with items that don’t get a lot of use. There is often room to fit a few large storage containers, suitcases, extra blankets and large bulky items.

Be Sure To Label

It is great to have the storage containers, but if you don’t know what is in each bin, they won’t stay organized for long. Labeling baskets and bins will ensure that you are never at a loss for where things belong. Take some time to sort what will go in each container and label as you go.

Install A Valet Hook Or Pole

A valet hook or pole is an inexpensive closet accessory for better organization. If you are in a rush to get ready in the morning or don’t want to wake a sleeping partner, these will simplify your morning routine so you can hang your outfit the night before, grab it and go. They are designed to hold multiple hangers and a valet pole can be made to pull out and be retractable when not in use.

Add Closet Racks And Accessory Storage

There are many types of closet accessories storage options that make organization a breeze and also make your closet feel luxurious. Ties, scarves, and even slacks can be placed on sliding racks that can pull forward when you need them and retract when not in use.  Jewelry, bags, and belts can be organized with drawer dividers or in cubbies. These types of closet accessories are a great way to organize like items together, maximizes space and make getting ready more pleasurable.

Divide Your Shelves

No closet can ever have enough shelves. They are great for storing folded knits, t-shirts, handbags, shoes and just about anything that doesn’t need to hang. But even the most organized shelf can become messy at times. Shelf dividers are an essential tool to keeping items neatly stacked and stored away.

Add Hooks

Hooks are a simple but effective way of organizing your closet. They can be used for your bathrobe, wardrobe accessories like belts and ties, or favorite necklaces. They can be mounted to any vertical surface and come in so many different shapes, there is sure to be a hook that is perfect for every closet.

Invest In Shoe Organization

Whether you are an average shoe owner or a footwear fanatic with a much larger collection, a good shoe organizer is a must-have when it comes to closet organization. There are pullout shoe organizers that keep a few pairs of shoes together, rotating shoe racks that can handle hundreds of shoes, to entire walls outfitted with special shoe shelves that can organize an unlimited amount of footwear. No matter what your needs, a shoe organizer is a game changer for any closet.
Closet organization does not have to be a chore with these tips and tools. With a little bit of effort your closets will function better and serve all of your storage needs.